Innovation Science & Technology

The world is mundane

Most people are unaware of just how truly mundane the world is. With all the complexity of the modern world, new technologies, and a constant stream of problems that vie for our attention, the world can seem utterly incomprehensible. At the top of the list for most people is climate change. Solutions seem almost impossible. […]

Artificial Intelligence Innovation Science

The impact of AI and revolutionary advances

AI is truly revolutionary despite the rather mundane uses it is being to put right now, like writing papers and generating SEO keywords. AI is far more disruptive and powerful than that. AI-driven tools will change our entertainment, facilitate new discoveries, and alter the course of humanity for the better (or destroy us all, but […]

Business Economics

What the future looks like

A couple years ago I wrote that the future looked positive. Turns out, it did, but not for very long. There were significant improvements in many areas. Unfortunately, inflation has tempered the benefits and now looks to be the reason (excuse?) to slam doors closed. I took the stance that inflation was transitory. I thought […]

Future Business Science & Technology

The future looks positive

This year has been terrible, to say the least. The pandemic has killed more than 330,000 people and sickened many more. The real economy has performed worse than the Great Recession and perhaps close to Great Depression levels. Businesses are going through major disruption and transformation, and many may not survive. Despite all these challenges, […]

Business Innovation Marketing

Improve adoption of innovative products

There are fascinating new technologies on the horizon inspiring new products and services. We have seen similar innovations in the past, and yet their adoption is often slow at best, or they completely ignored at worst. Why is that and what can you do if you organization has an innovative product or solution it wants […]