Program Management | Delivery Operations | Data-Driven Strategy

I’m passionate about taking on the challenges that matter to my customers

I have over 20 years of experience in managing complex programs and leading high performance teams to success. I’ve worked at large agencies and tech startups where I’ve shaped big-picture strategy and executed critical programs. I founded a boutique consulting firm focused on delivering innovative solutions. I’m skilled at building a vision for success and executing strategies the generate quantifiable results.

I currently manage a large, diverse global team for a leading quality experience company that helps brands deliver flawless customer experiences. I’m deeply involved in digital transformation programs, IoT and digital experience programs, data science projects, and lead a large user research program to guide the product improvement for a strategic customer.

Prior to my current role, I launched one of the earliest digital consulting agencies in Seattle. We delivered custom, innovative, and effective solutions that helped our clients realize their vision. We worked collaboratively with them to dramatically increase their success and grow their business. We achieved tangible results by focusing on critical insights and business needs.

Penelope, my grumpy, yet awfully cute French Bulldog

Today, I bring that same level of commitment to my customers. I take a hands on approach to team leadership and direction. I align my processes and recommendations to strategic goals and organizational processes for my customers. I build solid teams focused on delivering and achieving success, while partnering with my customers to achieve their goals.

I’m originally from Washington and live in Seattle with my grumpy French bulldog, Penelope. I enjoy photography, read voraciously, and on the weekends I can use be found outdoors enjoying the natural beauty the Pacific Northwest offers. I am particularly interested in the intersection of data science and AI in business, and how those tools can be used to improve operational performance of organizations. I am also very interested in the theory of consciousness and how it applies to people, animals, neural networks, and AGI.