The impact of AI and revolutionary advances

AI is truly revolutionary despite the rather mundane uses it is being to put right now, like writing papers and generating SEO keywords. AI is far more disruptive and powerful than that. AI-driven tools will change our entertainment, facilitate new discoveries, and alter the course of humanity for the better (or destroy us all, but that another post).

AI will will be a far more useful tool, and far more transformative and powerful. The real power of AI is that it goes beyond just exposing people to information and instead facilitates the creation of new and novel ideas.

There is little reason to believe that AI will supplant human thinking and ingenuity, though. AI still needs people to guide it, set the scope of the problem, and ensure that moral and ethical considerations are met.

Ultimately AI will have a dramatic impact on nearly every area of life. I always anticipated that an AI would one day write a book specifically for me or create an original movie that only I would enjoy. I just expected it would be years away. Instead, we are very close to that today. AI will soon be used to create personalized entertainment experiences.

AI could know my preferences and create an original movie just for me based on what I like or feel like. It will be able to determine my mood (do I feel like a comedy or action) and tell if I am enjoying the plot, adjusting it on the fly depending on how I respond (am I bored, excited, or whatever).

This will dramatically change all segments of the entertainment industry. Novels written on the fly specifically for me and my preferences will put serious pressure on publishers. People will still desire original material from experts, stars, and others, but there will certainly be a change to the publishing industry.

AI will also create movies and music specifically for me based on my preferences. This certainly will impact the various entertainment industries. I will not have to wait for new albums or shows to be created and released. I will get them instantly. Televisions series will continue indefinitely. If I don’t like that my favorite character died, it never has to happen. I can revive and old show or have it rewritten to better match my desires.

An AI-powered virtual reality game could use player preferences, playstyle, and skill level to generate a unique and challenging experience every time they play. The game will never end, the experience will always be new and fresh and challenging at just the right level. It will never get boring or too difficult. Entertainment will be completely transformed.

Perhaps more exciting and fascinating where AI will be significantly impactful is through the combination of AI and quantum computing to advance research. AI powered by quantum computing will identify unique combinations for new materials and predict their uses. Novel solutions will be discovered that had not been considered while quantum computing will make it possible to model and simulate feasibility.

AI will be able to identify new materials by simulating the behavior of molecules and predicting how they will interact with other molecules. This can help researchers identify new drug candidates, design more effective drugs faster, and understand how they will behave before the drug even goes to trials, saving huge amounts of money and accelerating drug development and therapies.

AI and quantum computing can be used to simulate the properties of new materials and predict how they will behave in different environments. This can help researchers identify new materials with useful properties and accelerate the process of developing new technologies. AI will accelerate research by making it possible to more accurately model existing processes and create new methods for efficiency improvements.

The use cases for AI are infinite. There are so many areas that are poised for change and disruption is almost impossible to fathom. Ultimately, AI will be a fantastic tool to facilitate new discoveries while enhancing and improving our lives Coupled with quantum computing, AI will accelerate research in a whole host of areas that will help develop new materials, extend life, and solve major problems like climate change.