Lest we forget the horrors

I love data visualizations. I was playing around in R and wanted to create a streamgraph but didn’t really have any data that would lend itself to that type of visualization. Then I came across an article at McSweeney’s and decided to use that. Typically I try to stay away from political topics here, but in this case I think it is important that we acknowledge the aberrant situation with current US leadership. McSweeny’s captured President Trump’s worst offenses in a list that I cleaned up and used to create the following visualization. I bounded started the visualization in 2014 (though the McSweeny list goes back to 2011). The list has continued to grow since I created this visualization, unfortunately.

Check out McSweeny’s. They have fantastic publications. Their work in documenting the aberrant behavior the president is important. Holding public officials accountable for what they say and do is critical to a well-functioning democracy.

If you are interested in learning how I created this visualization or the R code behind it, please reach out.