Salesforce Change Transformation
Change management initiative to reinvent the global partner sales organization through improved understanding of stakeholder impacts and scalable tools development.

What Was Delivered

→ Leadership & Sponsorship alignment plan
→ Vision narrative
→ Stakeholder change impact assessment
→ Stakeholder change impact plan
→ Communications and messaging plan

→ Communications assets
→ Change Management toolkit
→ Change Management training program
→ Transition to ongoing operations

“I always return because I know that you’re as invested in whatever project that we are working on as we are.”

Chief of Staff to Worldwide
Partner Organization SVP

The Challenge

A strategic initiative to reinvent the global partner sales organization needed change management support

Leadership wanted to understand the change impact across the partner organization and to develop an approach for leadership communications and resistance management

Across the entire portfolio of initiatives, the PMO organization was looking for ways to scale change management support for other programs

The Solution

Conducted a stakeholder change impact assessment, highlighting key teams impacted and degree and type of impact

Developed a holistic landing and adoption strategy to enable the organizational transformation

Facilitated leadership alignment to the vision and case for change to mitigate resistance

Built a comprehensive, cascading communications plan including development of communications content

Developed scalable Change Management toolkit with training, templates and best practices

The Result

Improved leadership alignment on vision, direction and organizational impact of sales initiative

Accelerated Change Management execution based on improved understanding of stakeholder impacts and scalable Change Management tools

Growth in organizational capability to lead and plan for change

Scalable deployment of Change Management expertise, tools and programs

Leadership re-hired to continue to deploy Change Management planning and training to the broader organization

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